Social Grader

Occupation classification software

Grader provides occupation look-up functionality to the Market Research industry to return a respondent's Social Grade (A, B, C1, C2, D, E). It contains a list of over 1200 occupations that is comprehensive and yet manageable for the interviewer and respondent.

The occupation list and Social Grade information is used under license from the The Market Research Society, and is based on their publication: 'Occupation Groupings - A Job Dictionary' - which is regarded as 'the bible' of social grading.  Social Grader collects the respondents ACTUAL social grade that is still the best method of discriminating between purchasing behaviour, unlike other data sources that use postcode and are derived from secondary data.

Grader is used by the major agencies in the UK market research industry and has been installed on thousands of seats since 2002.

Social Grader - Console

Provides occupation look-up for integration with any application running on any operating system. No internet connection is required and can integrate with SPSS and other survey packages.  Typically, Social Grader Consoler is used in large contact centres using UNIX based survey software.
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Social Grader - Web

Provides occupation look-up for web based survey software operating in the UK.  Web Social Grader prompts the respondent with the minimum number of questions possible to identify the respondents Social Grade and the results are directly comparable to all other versions of Social Grader and the paper based book.
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Social Grader - Desktop

Provides occupation look-up for interviewers using an application that does not have access to the internet. This format runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems. 
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