Mojo Surveys

The best feedback solution available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Mojo Surveys was purchased by Microsoft in March 2015  and made available as the Voice of the Customer feature set in the Dynamics CRM product.

Mojo Surveys is no longer available to purchase from Fusion Software.

Mojo Surveys - What is it?

Mojo Surveys is a customer feedback solution that is built solely for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (both online and on-premise).  CRM users can easily design surveys and send the survey invitations to customers using the built in functionality in CRM including campaigns, emails and workflows.  

When the survey is completed by the customer, the results are stored directly against the customer record and actions  can be triggered such as creating a follow up task if the customer expressed dissatisfaction.
ALL data is stored in your CRM system, meaning you can analyse the results in conjuction with existing CRM data such as revenue and opportunity data in dashboards, reports and Excel.
Surveys on multiple formats
Voice of Customer

Customer Experience - Measure and Manage

  • Identify customer expectations and their relative importance
  • Measure an individual customer's
    • satisfaction (CSAT)
    • Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • Take action on expressions of dissatisfaction immediately from CRM
  • Drive improvements on the customer experience based on customer feedback facts
  • Use question scoring to create your own index to measure customer feedback

Mojo Surveys - Feedback Use Cases

Feedback For All Parts Of The Customer Lifecycle

  • Collect new leads (web to lead) - easily allow potential customers to register an interest by embedding a form (see free trial below that uses a Mojo Survey to collect your information)
  • Case closure satisfaction - how satisfied was the customer the case closure?  Are there any training needs?
  • Post product/service purchase review - get feedback on a product or service?
  • Upsell and cross sell - use assessments to collect information and identify customer needs for other products or surveys.

Marketing Automation - Prompt and Progress

  • Schedule surveys to be sent at particular events of a larger marketing or business process
  • Collect feedback during moment-of-truth's of the Customer Journey and trigger the next steps of the process based on customer feedback
  • Automatically trigger feedback requests to be sent in response to an interaction with the customer such as
    • a post purchase review
    • unsubscribe
    • case closure
    • or a period of inactivity
  • Segment and profile customers based on customer feedback and priorities

Marketing Automation
Facial Expression Feedback

Mojo Surveys -Key Features

  • Easy-to-use drag-n-drop WYSIWYG survey designer     
  • Great looking, modern, device friendly surveys     
  • Personalise the surveys by embedding customer data in the surveys (piping)
  • Survey logic in surveys includes branching, skip to, show/hide, end survey
  • Multiple question types including: ratings, smilies, grids, ranking, fixed sum and image selection
  • Survey responses stored directly against the customer record, summary of feedback also displayed on customer record
  • Use facial expressions to gather feedback
  • Embed the first survey question in the email invite to allow the respondent to click through to the survey