Fusion Software is a UK based company specialising in Microsoft Dynamics CRM products and services. 

Established in 2001, we have the experience and customer focused approach that delights our customers and ensures word of mouth referrals.

Microsoft acquired our Mojo Surveys product in March 2015 and we worked with them to integrate it into the Dynamics CRM product  -  it is now available as the Voice of the Customer feature set in Dynamics CRM.

Currently, we are working on a new Employee Engagement app - please send an email to engage@fusionsoftware.com us if you would like to collaborate.

CRM SalesFlow 

Visualize and manage the Dynamics CRM Sales Pipeline in a simple, drag and drop user interface

CRM SalesFlow

CRM SalesFlow web site

Social Grader

Grader is the only software that can calculate a respondent's social grade based on their occupation.  It is widely used in the UK Market Research industry. Read more